C. Woody French at Iris Northwest is teaching video classes for grades 6th-12th at the Clallam Co-Working Space in Sequim on March 2, 9,16,23 from 4pm-6pm.

Learn Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing at the College level.

Create Music Videos, Superhero Movie Previews, News Reports, Screen Capture Machinma videos like MineCraft and more!

4 Computers (1 PC 3 Macs) with Adobe Premiere Pro Editing will be provided along with all other Adobe Programs such as Photoshop available for students.

Lights, Green Screen, Cameras, Microphones and more will be provided also. Students are encouraged to bing in their own equipment and video recordings from home also.

Make or Upgrade your own YouTube Channel with Guardian support. This is an opportunity to find a balance for students to safely engage in video through YouTube with a Parent or Guardian’s understanding. This requires a Google Account and will also offer you many other free useful programs to learn about.

Discover Creative Commons and Public Domain Music resources for Video.

Make your own Weebly Portfolio Website.

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