Woody French will be filming all shows to produce an edited best of, 2 disc BLU-RAY, set for both “The Ultimate Playlist” and “Wizard of Oz”.

Woody and Aspire have agreed on BLU-RAY disc format only starting 2019.

Shipping is included! All 2 Disc BLU-RAY sets will cost $40 + $5 shipping per disc set = $45/each or $90 for 2 sets, etc.

Because the high quality of the HD cameras used and the HD BLU-RAY (1080ppi) format, we will no longer downgrade the image quality of your children’s faces just to provide a DVD (720ppi). If you would like a video of this recital and do not own a BLU-RAY disc player, now is the time for you to upgrade for future recital videos. We will not be moving to a streaming format, video downloads, or making DVDs.

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Showing all 1 result