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Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

You do not need to contact the business that hired Iris Northwest for multimedia. If you do they will forward your message to us so we can assist you directly.

All purchases will be verified and are guaranteed.

Photos are .Jpeg Image Downloads only. You decide your printing method with your image files. Photo downloads will allow 2 attempts each for $5. If you have an issue with a download, remain calm, just let us know and we will make sure you receive you image files. Iris Northwest can assist with downloads or even drop off files to share at a business location if needed.

Shipping for each Blu-Ray is included in the price per set. We can not fit 2 sets for $5 so each set including shipping is $45

Taxes are calculated after you enter your address with zip code for correct state sales tax.

If you have a custom file request for videos or photos please make a regular purchase of that item first. Then you may email us about your custom request which may be possible to make for you at equal cost to your original purchase. Custom files are not included with the products.

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