Dear Aspire Families,

We are excited for another amazing Recital Weekend this year! Please read everything from the media announcement below to clearly understand how to obtain photographs and videos from “Iris Northwest” of these performances.

  • Aspire Academy has hired “Iris Northwest”, as our photo/video team for the Recital this year. Iris Northwest is run by Woody French, an Aspire parent who has filmed our production for over 3 years, and Jay R. Cline, a popular professional local photographer.
  • is an new online store currently under construction. You will be notified by email with a link to the online store before June 13th for online purchases.
  • Good old fashion “Order Form Envelopes” with a drop box for cash and checks will still be provided during the performances as they have for the past 3 years. The website address will be printed on these envelopes as well to allow online credit card purchases for customers.
  • Jay R. Cline will be taking live photos during all shows. The original photo files taken will be available for sale by download from at $5.00 per file. These can not be pre-ordered. Shortly after the performances families will be able to use the website to pick as many photos as they like, purchase the file, and download it on their home computer (may or may not work with a smartphone). You may then use your purchased photo file(s) any way you like. We will not be selling prints and only the original image files for download onto your computer’s hard drive. You will receive the ability to download photographs immediately after online purchase. You may confidently use the email contact info for technical support and Iris Northwest will support the success of your download.
  • Woody French will be filming all shows to produce an edited best of, 2 disc BLU-RAY, set for both “The Ultimate Playlist” and “Wizard of Oz”. Woody and Aspire have agreed on BLU-RAY disc format only starting 2019. All 2 Disc BLU-RAY sets will cost $40 + $5 shipping per disc set = $45/each or $90 for 2 sets, etc.
  • Because the high quality of the HD cameras used and the HD BLU-RAY (1080ppi) format, we will no longer downgrade the image quality of your children’s faces just to provide a DVD (720ppi). If you would like a video of this recital and do not own a BLU-RAY disc player, now is the time for you to upgrade for future recital videos. We will not be moving to a streaming format or video downloads.
  • Audience members are not allowed to used their own phones or cameras to take media of any kind during performances. Aspire staff will be enforcing this. Any media produced illegally by audience members may be dealt with as Aprire staff see fit. Iris Northwest will not police the Aspire Audience unless camera views are blocked. Please stop all phones, they will ruin our work!

Videos will no longer be needed to pick up at Aspire Studio. Each order will be tracked and guaranteed. If you purchase a disc then you will receive it in the mail before September 1st. Recital Videos usually get mailed out by the first week of August and arrive before September. Because Woody is an Aspire parent and can meet at the studio in person, any possible USPS challenges can be fixed if needed . Please print/type all contact information carefully so you can receive your order. Late orders are very rare and have only even been caused by misprinted emails, mailing addresses and phone numbers. Please email Iris Northwest if you have questions about your order. If we have confirmed payment from you then we guarantee you will receive your purchase. If you need to calmly ask the Aspire front desk for assistance they will communicate with Woody French.